Tactical G700 Flashlight – Most Powerful Military LED Flashlight!

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tactical g700 flashlight Tactical G700 Flashlight – Get 75% Off Your Military Grade Flashlight TODAY!!

The LumiTact 6700 flashlight which is one of the toughest flashlight you will find in the market is made out from the best grade aluminium which goes into the making of aeroplanes. One of the most durable flashlights available in our time the Tactical G700 Flashlight by LumiTact is capable of lighting a whopping 700 blinding lumens of light. One significant aspect in which the LumiTact flashlight differs from the rest of its kind is its brightness. Whenever you turn the G700 on you will be getting a luminous circle of bright white light which is sure to lighten up your way and scare away an animal. The Tactical G700 Flashlight has been classified as military grade which suggests that it’s the toughest in the market. This product is targeted for individuals in need of a strong and durable flashlight; it goes without saying that policemen, fire fighters, campers, hikers, or hunters can make the most of the G700. One can find the LumiTact flashlight online at a special price of just $56.

get your tactical g700 flashlight hereLet us now take a quick look at the features of the Tactical G700 flashlight:

  •  As you must have already guessed, the flashlight derives its name from the 700 lumens of power released by it.
  •  The flashlight comes with 5 pre set modes like high, medium, low, strobe and SOS for varying light conditions.
  •  The flashlight comes with a grade one aluminium body which makes it virtually indestructible.
  •  One of the best features of the LumiTact flashlight is its battery capacity. In spite of its high end technology, this torch makes use of only two AA batteries, thus consuming a very low amount of energy. This energy efficient torch would make sure that you don’t have to swap the batteries when you need your torch the most.
  •  The solid construction of this flashlight makes it possible to even use it as a weapon. Thus it not only illuminates your way but also prevents you from attackers and animals.

tactical g700 flashlight offers many benefits

Love the benefits of Tactical G700 Flashlight

Ask any adventurer, police person, or survivalist and they would explain you how crucial it is to have a torch at all times when you are out in the open. When it comes to man versus nature, an ordinary flashlight is not going to be of much help. The bulky plastic halogen flashlights with C or D type batteries are hardly of any help when you are out in the wilderness. They are easily breakable and extremely dim. Moreover you won’t need to change the batteries quite often. The G700 comes with a superb zoom feature along with a SOS mode and strobe mode. While the SOS mode would immediately signal for help in case you are lost or in danger, the strobe mode would produce a massive frequency mitigating any threat within minutes. So if you are looking out for a dependable power efficient torch light which also doubles up as a heavy weapon you need to get yourself a Tactical G700 flashlight.

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